About Us

Welcome to Northwest Airguns!!!!  Worlds premier airgun site.

I am an airgun mechanic and machinist with decades of shooting, repairing, and modifying pellet and bb guns. I’ve been trained in airgun repair, having attended classes at the Lassen College Summer NRA Gunsmithing program, taught by master airgunsmith Randy Bimrose, as well as other general gunsmithing classes. I’ve learned a few things over the years, both what to do and what to avoid. Hopefully, this site will help others have an easier time maintaining and repairing their own airguns in a safe and structured way.   Tinkering is just something that many  of us have a hard time resisting, so our focus is on proper dis-assembly, repair, and re-build information.

I started this blog and the companion youtube channel some years back, because I have experienced the uncertainty and frustration of trying to work on an airgun while having very little coherent and reliable information. The hope is that information presented here will be helpful to others in the same situation.

However, the blog side of this effort will no longer be supported. Really, most of the blog was just a recap of what was presented in the videos, so nothing really is being lost. The contact page remains, if anybody wishes to contact me, and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.

I will continue to cover airgun events, like the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, as well as reviews of airgun products, tools, equipment, and accessories, through the youtube channel.  Tools are often overlooked, but if you work on your own airguns, they can make the difference between getting back to shooting, or seemingly endless frustration, so thats part of our focus too.

Airguns provide a great outlet for those of us who enjoy the kinder, gentler side of the shooting sports.  Hopefully this blog will be of some use to others as they pursue their airgunning hobbies.


Northwest Airguns owned, operated, and blogged by Jonathan Brooks.