Where can I get my vintage airgun repaired?

We repair some models of vintage airguns here at Northwest Airguns. Use the contact page to get ahold of us, or email at nwa@northwestairguns.com. Here are some others whom I have personally done business with and trust to perform competent repair work. Many also sell vintage parts too.

Mac1; Tim McMurray is a 3rd generation airgunsmith, and developer of the Steroid rebuild for Sheridan and Benjamin air rifles, the US Field Target competition rifles, and lots of other stuff. Generally his rebuilds improve performance over factory specs. He also sells parts and kits to improve many vintage and current production airguns. Signal Hill, CA. Webpage: mac1airgunshop.com

Precision Pellet; Rick Willnecker has been repairing most makes of vintage airguns since before they were vintage. Often has hard-to-find parts too. New Park, PA. Webpage: airgunshop.net

Baker Airguns; Dennis Baker is the successor to Ron Sauls of Bryan & Associates, and offers a full line of repair services as well as parts. Mt. Victory, OH. Webpage: bakerairguns.com

Mike Baker; Yes, a bit confusing to have two Bakers in the business, but Mike was trained by Peter Ruut, and is an experienced airgunsmith. Cornville, AZ. Has lots of parts too. No website, contact via email at: peter_built78@hotmail.com

If you know of others who should be included on this page, shoot me an email at nwa@northwestairguns.com or use the contact page here and I’ll add them with your recommendation.