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BSA Super Ten and Regulator

Ok, I’m at an impasse with my ‘project’ field target BSA Super 10, in .177 caliber.  I’m awaiting a new receiver to replace the old one, which I have concluded ‘flexes’ during the shot cycle and causes inaccuracy.  So, this project is on the shelf until parts arrive.  Watch for a future update.

But in the meantime, I have several videos up at my youtube channel, which are also shown on our video page here at this site.  Of course, I recommend servicing by a competent airgunsmith rather than owner servicing, but realize that this may not be an option for all owners in all countries.  In fact, the only reason I made the effort to service my own BSA Super 10 was that there were really no other options here in the US.  So, ror those who similarly have few options regarding repair or servicing, I hope that these videos are helpful.

I also promised to put up a link to BSA Super 10 resources, including a diagram (lifted from Knibbs);

Parts Diagram BSA Super 10
Parts Diagram BSA Super 10

And here are a few links to sites that may have parts or offer service or repair of your air rifle;

Joe Korick/custom regulators, guages and repair/rebuilds;    

Knibbs/got all the BSA parts (UK);

Best Fittings/lots of pcp stuff (UK):

Predator/ebay seller of kits and some aftermarket parts (UK):

Airguns of Arizona/former importer, may still have a few parts or do repairs:

Pyramid Air/importer of current BSA products:

BSA Owner Group Forum (UK)/lots of advice, help, and referrals to repair in the UK:


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