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SHOT Show 2014 – H&N Pellets

H & N Sport GMBH (pellets)

I took a few minutes to visit with Jorg Siemens, Head of Sales and Marketing for H & N Sport, from Germany.  Jorg was stationed in Texas while in the German military, so if he speaks English with a bit of a Texas accent, that’s where it comes from.  H&N is probably the largest maker of airgun ammo in the world, with over a billion pellets produced annually.  In addition to the H&N line, they make pellets for rebranding to other airgun related companies like Beeman and others.   And, I learned what the H and N stand for, and may even be able to pronounce them.

Here’s an interview with Jorg on whats happening at H & N;

You can find more information online at;

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