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SHOT Show 2014 – Hi Tech Meets Low Tech/Oehler Chronographs

My airgun bud Bob Sloan mentioned to me that he stopped by the Oehler (pronounced Ailer) Chronograph booth, and had struck up a conversation with one of the women there.  When she found out that he was an airgunner, she mentioned that they use the Daisy Red Ryder to check the chronographs before they leave the shop.  Worn quite a fewof these bb guns out over the years, apparently.   I’d never heard chronograph and Daisy Red Ryder in the same sentence before, and would not expect high tech, sophisticated equipment such as the Oehler Model 35P to have anything to do with a Daisy bb gun.  So I had to follow up, and this is what I found out;

Oh, and that’s not the Oehler booth behind, that’s the Clymer reamer booth, it was just the most convenient place to do the video.

You can find more information online at;

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