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SHOT Show 2014 – Airguns of Arizona Omega Super Charger 4500 psi compressor

When I first stopped by the Airguns of Arizona booth, I saw this funny little boxy looking thing in the front corner, but was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t pursue it at the time.  I didn’t know exactly what it was from the cover, but it did have a big ‘ol psi/bar guage and a bunch of pcp fill type fittings, so I went back on Thursday to take another look at it.

Turns out that it was a relatively new product, the 4500 psi air compressor called the ‘Omega Super Charger’.  My tour of this compressor unit was given by Gregg Glover of Airguns of Arizona.  He ran through the basic features and capabilities in this video;

(If you notice a difference from our other videos, its because I had to do this one in IMovie; my files must have gotten corrupted and didn’t work in FCPX.)

This compressor sounds almost too good to be true.  A bit pricey, compared to the Shoebox units, but still only about half the cost of a conventional 4500 psi compressor.  I really like the automatic features, and the portability.  I also like the availability of rebuild kits for when it needs an o-ring or a major tune up.  While it was very quiet at the Show, there also was no load on the motor since it wasn’t actually filling anything.  I’d be interested to see how loud it is when actually putting pressure into a gun or tank.  That question aside, this unit has a lot of promise for those of us who use a lot of air.  It may also broaden the appeal of pcp airguns by offering a hassle free fill system to people just starting out with precharged airguns.

Keep in mind, these have only been available for a short time.  We’ll learn how dependable they are as more people get and use them over time.  I do know that Jim Stanis of Precision Airguns & Supplies has started to sell a similar if not identical unit called the Raptor, and he thinks they are a great product.  That’s pretty high praise.  You can find more information about the Raptor compressor at the Precision Airguns & Supplies site here;

I didn’t find the Omega Super Charger on the Airguns of Arizona website,  so if you want more information, you’ll need to call AofA at  (480)461-1113

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