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Airgun Review – Sheridan Model A Supergrade

Yup, thats right, we are reviewing a gun thats been out of production for over 60 years.  But we wanted to make our first review effort something a bit different.  And these guns still generate quite a bit of interest, though most air gunners have never held one.  And they are still considered to be the ‘gold standard’ for multi-pump pneumatic air rifles.  So, here it is;



Almost forgot, if you are interested in the classic Sheridans, another good resource is the site maintained by UJ Backus, here;



As for our long hiatus; health, money, and time have all been in short supply recently.  I’ve changed jobs, moved from my home of 35 years to another city, and made some other changes, often kicking and screaming, to how I’m living my life.  Airgun blogging and video making have had to take a back seat for a while.

But, hopefully, this is just the first of several new projects I’m working on, and hope to bring to the blog over the next couple of months.  Plus, the 2015 SHOT Show is just around the corner, and Northwest Airguns will be bringing our unique point of view to covering the event again.  Check back to see whats going on here, I’ll try to put new stuff up as quickly as possible.

And thanks to all those who have offered encouragement and support.

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