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SHOT Show 2015 – Monday, Media Day at the Range

This year I’m putting the video up by day, i.e., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, instead of by manufacturer. I’ll list who’s in which in case you just have certain makes that you are interested in. So, there will be two, perhaps three more, videos to follow.

But as for Monday, it was Media Day at the Range and I had a blast checking out the Air Force Texan and the Crosman Armada and especially the new Bulldog 357. These big bores kick a bit, which was a surprise to me, and the bigger or heavier the bullet, the harder the kick. Still, not particularly unpleasant, just a kind of soft push to the shoulder, much more gentle than my Remington .270. And even the unmoderated Texan did not have a particularly loud report, while the Bulldog, with the shrouded barrel, was actually almost silent.

I’m also very excited about a new chronograph available from MagnetoSpeed. You can forget about lighting with this one, because it doesn’t work off of light sensors. Instead, it has magnetic sensors that track metallic materials, including non-ferrous metals like lead, passing over. The timing of the sensors at a precise distance allows for the technology to accurately estimate velocity. I hope to get one and try it out in my garage, with all the lights out. That would be way more handy than my current chrono, which goes berserk if there’s a fluorescent light nearby.

Finally, I included the Ready Range, which could be a handy airgun target system. With an appropriate backstop, and if kept dry, it could actually last for quite a while. Everything in our society is now based on convenience, and this is too. But at least it’s useful. I’d like to get a closer look at this product too.

Here’s Media Day at the Range;

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